Wednesday, September 1

Some Saturday !

This Saturday we have been out and about pretty much all day. First we headed about 20 miles north to visit Aunt Joan's best friend Trish. Trish just bought a new house and she needed some network consulting so she asked my hubby to swing by to check out the place and give her a "shopping" list of the equipment to buy for Thursday after labor day (that's when Comcast is coming to hitch the internet). I tagged along because Trish is a quilter and we love to talk about our projects plus she is very fond of my little bug. OK I also tagged along because 10 minutes from Trish's place, there is also my favorite grocery store: Wegmans.

Trish's new place is gorgeous and twice the size of her previous house. We had a complete tour OMG!! If ever won big at the lottery that's the kind of house I would buy for sure. You can always dream right ? Anyway, Trish's old house has been sold and the buyer is not interested in any of the window treatments. They also cannot be reused at the new house because they are the wrong size. Sos guess who got 3 pairs of almost new fully lined (and machine washable) drapes for free? Yep, that's me! Check out those classy colors. They will look awesome in my living room. SCORE!!!

Once we were done with the tour, we of course headed to Wegmans. The main reason I absolutely love Wegmans is that they have a fantastic selection of imported cheese and baguette that tastes almost like at home. Yes I {heart} stinky cheese and baguette. Needless to say, lunch was an absolute treat. 

After our shopping expedition we headed back home, put away the groceries, then I ran a couple of loads of laundry while adding the final touches to another project. And off to a grill party for the rest of the day. We let the kiddos loose in that huge backyard, let them splash in the waddling pool, swing until their feet reached for the sky and run after the dog. They had a ton of fun. And so did we.

Back home around 8:30pm. Then my day took a little downturn. A few weeks back, we bought paint for the stairwell and second floor landing/hallway. I figured I had enough time to cut the edges in the hallway so I could get the first coat done tomorrow. And then I just realized there was a mistake. The store mixed flat finish instead of eggshell as I asked. Ugh! 
Important facts here: 
- Young children and flat finish paint = BAD (not easily washable)
- stairwell ceiling at the highest point : 16 feet
- Me on the top step of a 2-step ladder OK 
- Me on the top step of a 3-step ladder ahem I'll stay on the second step, thank you very much. 
- Me on top of the 10-foot ladder, in the stairs, reaching up to the ceiling: not happening. 
And there is the really not cool part. We already paid someone to paint the stairwell. Yep it's all done except the landing. {mental slap for not checking the paint at the store}. Not about to pay to have the job done over. I'll have to live with the flat paint. At least for now. 
OK it didn't ruin my day. Well maybe just a little. I'm over it now. 


  1. Ugh. Things like that are so aggravating but yeah for the drapes!!

  2. It looks pretty good. I just have to make sure little hands are not leaving prints on the walls.
    Now I have to get my husband to install the curtain rods :) I can't wait to have the drapes installed.


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