Thursday, September 16

Shoot N' Tell challenge - Bounce

As she was bouncing around she announced: "Look at me Mommy, I'm a frog"

"Ribbit, ribbit"


  1. Beautiful vibrant colorw that top off very sweet photos! Thanks for entering!

  2. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! I wanted to tell you too that the pattern is a vintage simplicity 9850. I am sure you can look it up on ebay or etsy or something! It wasn't that hard at all, I was afraid at first, but it came together rather easily! I am going to make another one with a collar I think!

  3. So flipping sweet! Love it!

    And the judging is finished for my 'All the Small Things' photo challenge! Go here to see how you did!


  4. LOL Looks like she's about to topple over.


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