Friday, October 8

Playing catch up

I have 6 days to finish this quilt. 6 days until the baby shower... 

So cutting 

Hmm it's coming along - already 4 rows 3 to 6 more to go
I haven't decided on the finished size yet... there are several school of thought 
36x36 or 36x52 (ish) ?? 

And now that I'm seeing the pictures I know the first thing I will do tonight is to grab a my seam ripper and  flip around row 3&4 ... That's what happens when you hurry too much. 

Glad the weekend is almost here too!


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  2. I just visited your blog! Very nice. I'm a Friday Blog hopper. Come by and visit me! Thanks

  3. Hello, new follower from Saturday Blog Hop. Have a great weekend!

    Cecelia @

  4. oh the rush! I'm sure the little one will be so comfy in it.

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

  5. Here from the Hop ... hope that you are having a Fab Fall Weekend. Down in FL, we are trying our very best to make it seems a little like Fall, trying :)
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  6. Hello, its beautiful, i love the colour of quilt and waiting eagerly for the end result
    hope you did like to visit my new post

  7. Hi, Enjoying your blog. Following from the hop.


  8. Your quilt is very pretty!
    New follower from Relax and Surf!


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