Tuesday, November 27

Onto Easy Street - Week 1

Crazy me .. since I apparently I don't have enough to do at this time of the year, I added to the pile with the latest Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt : Easy Street.

Since most of my stash is still inaccessible (in boxes in a storage unit) I only had limited choices but I think I was able to pick a cohesive palette.

Here is my fabrics selection :

My color table:
Lime -> Red & pink
Aqua -> Grey
Purple-> Orangey yellow
Grey-> Black
White & Black->White

All fabrics are small floral prints or polka dots except one of the scraps of grey

I went to work ... cutting




See all the other participants' first week in the linky party : 

Thursday, November 22

15 minutes dress fix

Happy Thanksgiving to all! This morning I decided to take a couple of pictures of Bug in her pretty formal dress, and I noticed a little problem. Do you see it ??
 Look closer... Here.

Well, Bug is one of those string bean kids, show only grows one direction : UP, and fast at that. While short dresses are cute for babies and toddlers, I felt this was a lot of leg to show for a formal dress, even with tights underneath.

So a little stash dive later... I cut some 6" wide strips of satin that matched the sash color as closely as possible:

Folded in half, ironed and cut to size.
Then sewed into a loop

And added to the bottom of the skirt

Ahhh much better and it only took 15 minutes :)

Happy Thanksgiving !!

Sunday, November 18

Sewing spree for Princess Fiona

I had been a while since Bug's Princess Fiona had gotten a new outfit. This oversight is now corrected. I dug up remnants of voile from another project, a cute scrap of paisley and some tulle for a 2-day sewing spree. 

Princess Fiona now has:

A ruffled multi-tiered dress

A long skirt and matching blouse

Purple pants

A matching vest

And a tutu. 

I think Fiona is set for a while and Bug is very happy with the wardrobe additions

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