Saturday, September 4

Sneak preview - Stashbuster project

I am currently working through the motions of "Stashbusting September" and trying to use the occasion to advance on my little bug's spring meadow bedroom redo. Here is a sneak peek at one of the phases of a much bigger project. I had some leftover fabric from a quilt with pretty butterflies. 

I ironed some lightweight stabilizer in the back and, with my super sharp ginger scissors, was able to cut out a couple. 

A dab of Fraycheck on the edges and a little bit of ironing later: 
Some pretty butterflies are ready for the meadows


  1. I am interested to see where you put them and impressed by the detail work that went into them.

  2. The project is out - Hope you like what happened to the butterflies. Did I mention how much I love my little Ginger scissors? They are so sharp and precise.

    They were a baby shower gift. The only gift I still can use ... and I use them a LOT


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