Wednesday, January 30

Challenge : Curves

Curved Seams Challenge Homepage You know me, I can't resist a challenge. Rikki from Ricochet and Away set the theme to curved seams and since it's something I had never really done, I decided it was time to give it a try. I make a little throw pillow cover for Bug's future pink bedroom.

I think my seams turned out OK for a beginner

The back of the pillow is super simple

And since I'm a glutton for punishment and I try to get outside of my comfort zone, I tackled a second project, this one adding the complexity of random slashing. The result is a small table runner

This one was a lot of fun to put together

Thursday, January 17

Aqua placemat set

I realized I didn't share much of the Christmas gifts I made this past december. I found a set of really cute ceramic bowls with a aqua inside glazing. And I happened to have a piece of this really cool textured fabric of the same color... It just looks great together right ?? 

Four of each ... 

I added the chocolate satin contrasting strips to make the aqua color pop
I love how the fabric changes color depending on the light!

Monday, January 7

Easy Street - Pink Lemonade Edition

Well I did it... finished the top of my iteration of Easy Street. I must say I surprised  myself for managing this project that was way out of my comfort zone and I'm glad I did

I learned a LOT: piecing technique, chain piecing, cutting, assembling. The one thing I could not do is 'scrappy'. It goes completely against my OCD tendencies. There are a few different whites, yellows, pinks and greys but no, this quilt is not really scrappy. I still absolutely love it and can't wait to have it finished so I can have it on my bed.

Here are the block all finished before the final assembly

Of course there have been a couple of oopsies and some quality time with the seam ripper

I had the help of Her Evilness, my quality control assistant

And here it is .. Saturday night, on my bed

Then of course the usual agony over the borders

And the final result after some quilty 'math' to figure out the perfect size form my checkers border
100"x100" of retro bliss

Go check out the glorious iterations made by the other mystery followers here

I got some daylight pictures today (01/08/2012) and noticed a piecing mistake ...Another date with my seam ripper tonight !

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