Tuesday, September 14

Finished : Iris twirly dress

More stash busting and finishing of white elephant type projects. Last winter, my husband's first cousin Carrie was getting married and I made the flower girl dresses for my daughter and the groom's niece Brittany for the occasion.

That's the D-Day, my little bug is the one on the right.

Not wanting to cut through the expensive satin and Burberry wool cloth without a bit of a test run, in case the bride didn't like the general look, I made a "mock dress"

The poor mock dress was just quickly whipped together, no hem (just pins), no buttons, grossly put together just for a general impression and then pinned to "fit" on the other flower girl who lives a good hour away. Then in the spring I decided to finish it for my daughter. I deconstructed the temporary seams and refitted it on my daughter who is a skinny bugger... there was quite a bit to take in. When my grandmother passed in May, I just put everything away. I didn't have any energy for it. Of course with the stashbusting challenge, I have been digging through my storage. And the dressed begged to be finished. 

So there it is.. a mere 10 months after the first piece was cut.


  1. It looks sweet on her and she seems to like it.

    Don't worry sometimes I take years to finish things (but I am happy to say that I seldom leave things unfinished forever). :)

  2. Aww, so sweet. I like the photo of your daughter at the slide. Nice work.

  3. I think the completed mock dress looks prettier than the D-day one! The print goes very well with the design. Well done


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