Friday, April 29

Tutorial - Ironing board cover

In case you missed it, here the tutorial I recently guest-posted at Thrive

Let's talk a bit about my ahem *cough* ironing board *cough*

OK ... it's horrible, not dirty but sadly a couple of burn marks and goop from Wonderunder, hem tape and other interfacing oopsies made it look pretty embarrassing. That doesn't wash off. Paying $15 for an ugly new ironing board cover.... nope, paying $25-30 for a cute one, I don't think so. So I made one the Thrive way: I only used what I had in my stash. This is how:

Before you get started: 

Measure the width and length of your ironing board, and add twice the thickness + 1 inch for the sewing allowance. For me it came down to 20"x 54". 
Measure the perimeter of your ironing board and add 1/2 inch for the sewing allowance. For me: 122". 

Supplies (substitute your own measurements):

- 20"x54"cotton fabric 
Pieced fabric is OK (unless you are fussy like me about pressing seams for sewing like me that's 99% of the ironing I ever do). I used a donated home decor fabric remnant (55" wide) but you can use most cotton fabrics. No synthetic fibers: Remember it shouldn't melt when you use the iron on it.   
- fabric strip 122" long by  2/12 to 3 inch wide.  Can be the same as the top 
 A fat quarter is enough to make the length needed here. If you are friends with a quilter, that's the type of strips used to bind quilts. I had some left overs from a previous quilt. You will have to piece several shorter strips together to make up the whole length. 
- string or ribbon - about 12 foot long
  I had a pack of old bias tape that I zig-zag stitched to make the length but cotton packing string works fine. 
- your sewing gear - including a sewing machine

- OPTIONAL: Left over cotton batting 20"x54" 
Quilters always have smaller pieces left over from large quilts, you can even piece several together using a wide zigzag stitch to make the size but if you keep the old cover underneath you won't need this.
Ready ? Let's tackle the job:
  • Take the "ugly beast" and lay it upside down on your fabric
  • Trace the outline with an extra allowance for the thickness of you ironing board plus 1/4 inch for  seam allowance.
  • Cut the fabric following the outline 
  • Repeat with the batting (optional)
  • Take the long fabric strip and fold it in half lengthwise
  • Use your nasty old ironing board cover one last time to press it
  • Cut to size (i.e. perimeter of the ironing board + 1/2")
  • Press the ends folding 1/4 inch in and hem them 
  • Place the batting and top fabric pieces together (again - optional)
  • Pin the folded strip as shown starting in the middle of the square end of the board
  • Stitch all the way around with 1/4 inch allowance

Now we are getting somewhere

  • Use a safety pin to thread your string/ribbon through the channel
  • Put your pretty cover on your ugly beast, tighten and knot the ribbon/ string

And there it is all prettified

One last look at the before and after

Much better right ?

Thursday, April 28

Satin and tulle blossoms

A new batch of satin flowers came together lately. This time around, I married the satin with some tulle and I love the different style of this "generation'. Time to make some more hair things for little girls.

Tuesday, April 26

A zest of Lemon

What colors do you wear to be chic and classic. Grey ? Black? White? That's definitely classic and dressy. But you can still look the part adding a little zest of lemon.  Yellow looks super classy with black and grey doesn't it. 

Monday, April 25

Stashbusting month summary

Stash busting month went by fast. I didn't bust as much stash as I was thinking I would but on the other hand I was mostly out of commission for a whole week after my surgery so I think I can pat myself in the back.

I made some spring/summer clothes for Bug and she loves all of it.

The fabric bunnies were a hit.
My stash of Sobe bottles has found a new life
I have a brand new handbag that screams summer
I finally got a long overdue project on the road
and made some pillowcases for a good cause

No shopping but the Fabric Faerie still got her content - I won a giveaway, adding those lovelies to my loot

Not too bad!

Thanks Robin for hosting the challenge again.

Sunday, April 24

What I've been up to this week - week 17

Even though I am feeling better it still doesn't take that much to make me tired.I needed to save my energy for a big DYI project that is way overdue: We need to replace the handrail from our deck. We had a quote to get it done.. $700, but after we figured out he supplies came down to $250, the decision was easy. Some more sweat equity poured into our house. We got the pre-assembled treated lumber rail sections at the hardware store and I spent the afternoon staining them since out HOA requires it to be brown (bleh!) but I didn't want to paint it. All done. All sore. 

Unfortunately my laptop is still non-functional. It makes  blogging complicated and emailing unpractical at best. A friend is making a last ditch effort to resurrect it. Fingers and toes crossed. It's been 2 weeks and I'm so behind responding to emails already. Sorry. I will catch up as soon as I can.

Altogether, not much in the sewing and crafting department this week. I have a big week ahead of me. and  I have been so worried, like any mama  bear worries about their cubs.Wednesday we have a meeting with Bug's educational team and figure out what will be the best option for Kindergarten. 2 years ago when she started the special ed pre-k, we were so sure she would be able to integrate a regular kindergarten class. Last year we were still hopeful. It is clear now that my sweet lovebug is not ready for regular school. Not without some help. I feel so crushed, inadequate, I wonder what went wrong, or whether there was more that I could have done earlier. It is eating me alive. ll the rest seems so vain.

I still made this little clutch for a girlfriend since I had promised it.

and squeezed in one more pillowcase for Carol before shipping her parcel

 Bug and I did some baking

We all ate way too much chocolate

We hope you had a great week and a wonderful Easter

Saturday, April 23

The Fabric Faerie

The Spring Stashbust is drawing to an end and I wanted to share with you this little gift  I received from Aunt Joan. This faerie doll hugs a few swatches of fabric, spool of thread and this little poem that says everything about being a fabric hoarder addict.

This fabric faerie is yours , to look after your stash,

Should raiders come creeping, she's there in a flash ,

She'll put up a fight with a left and a right,

To guard it from harm and shield it from light.

Yet she never sews, she just likes to collect,

To fondle, caress and above all protect,

The Hoffmans and Henrys and Balis galore,

There's never enough and she'll say "You need more".

There is not a single thing better than a new VIP,

You 'll hear her giggling and laughing with glee,

She'll sort it by color and fold it just so,

She'll wash it and dry it and put it below,

all of the others so that your husband won't know.

You'll exclaim, "Why gee honey, it just seems to grow".

You don't need to hide your passion for fabric.

She'll understand should you feel a bit manic,

So hang her up high where she can see all,

She'll watch over your stash no matter how tall.

Jane Ochier Davilla - 1992
How funny that after entering dozens of fabric giveaways, I finally win one during the Spring Stashbust. But since I didn't shop, I guess I can be excused right? If not, I can always blame it on my fabric faerie.

Who is watching over your stash ?

Friday, April 22

Spring blossoms clutch

A friend asked me to make a little clutch for a wedding she is attending this spring. She had picked a off white chiffon gown with an aqua belt. She needed something to match her outfit that wouldn't cost an arm and a leg, just big enough to accommodate car keys, wallet and sunglasses.

As the clutch was starting to take shape, I figured it would look quite nice and romantic to add a couple of satin and tulle blossoms.

My friend really likes it .. the only problem is she has changed her mind about her outfit 3 times in the past week. I may end-up keeping this one. I really don't mind an extra bag. I just don't know when I would be able to use something this elegant.

Thursday, April 21

One more pillow

This piece of fabric was given to me. I was a swatch for a really great quality fabric. I liked it a lot but there is nothing in my house that will even remotely match this color scheme. So I decided to make one more pillow to send to Carol.  for her cushion cover drive.

Whimsical Garden

And the previously completed pillowcases


Chicky Bloom
I love Faeries

Blogger's Pillow Party

Choco bunnies

Have you seen Holly's cute bunnies @ 504 main ? When I did, something immediately popped into my head... chocolate bunnies. Off to the kitchen. This is what I came up with. My bunnies  are made with Reese's peanut butter cup eggs , semi sweet chocolate and marzipan. I made 3 but the third one got eaten before I could take a picture. Something about having little people in the house that like peanut butter too much.

Ooops :)

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