Thursday, September 30

Last one... until next time

Last stashbusting project before the shopping ban is lifted: a little makeover to give this little basket the right look for trick & treating.

I used the existing fabric lining as a template for the new one. Then dug through my stash for some ribbons and made a couple of flowers with buttons as center

Robin, I swear  I'm not going to shop tomorrow. I will just get hot glue, Saturday.


  1. Its very cute, I too have some of baskets like this and always planned to make like this.. its beautiful hope I ll do one soon..

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    hope you like my new post

  2. Oh, I love both liners. Anytime you can combine fabric and baskets, it's great for me.

  3. Cute! I really like the flowers!

  4. A perfect redo for Halloween and Fall!

  5. Way to stash-bust! This looks so cute. I love the ribbon flowers, nice touch!!


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