Tuesday, October 5

Bedroom makeover - Phase two

No crafts this past weekend. My sewing machine remained untouched, no glue gun, no pretty fabrics or ribbons.

Rewinding a little... we started with this


As soon as the new wallboard was ready, so was I. Armed with paintbrushes, rollers and tarps and with my faithful iPod, I attacked the blank canvas.


The best part was the reveal. 

I think she likes it!

There is still quite a bit to go until she can move in: closet makeover, new baseboard, setup the furniture (that's the hubs' department) and in no particular order paint the trim, sew the curtains and decorative pillows and some more. We have a few more busy weekends before our little bug can move in. 

I'm taking a break though. First because I'm all sore from hours of painting, ad second because it's purse week and I need to finish my second entry...


  1. that is beautiful, I would love a room like that if I was a little girl. You did a great job, I'm sure she loves it.

  2. The flower mural is delightfully whimsical and Alice-like.

  3. wow you were not kidding, this is a lot of work! and it looks amazing. Your little girl is going to have colorful dreams.
    how did you paint the flowers?
    I am not showing this to my daughter, she is going to have flower envy!

  4. My little bug really loves it. She is impatient to move in.

    @Melissa : my daughter calls it the tinkerbell room
    @Morgane: I used some pictures of flowers I took a couple of weeks ago as inspiration and went free hand. I thought for a minute about projecting the pictures on the wall but I decided to keep it fun and cartoonish.

  5. That is amazingly great how that little girl's room came out!

    I love your painting ideas.

    OK. I am inspired to invite you to come link up with us, so our readers can love you too: http://www.finecraftguild.com/diy-tutorial-linky-party-15/

    Every Wednesday there will be a new party, so bookmark our home page and you can come back over and over again with great ideas and tutorials, alright!?

    The linky party focuses specifically on tutorials, btw, and well, this is such a cute result and you showed at least the big steps you took to get there, so I can imagine a jump and call it a qualifying 'tutorial'.

    I hope your little one is real happy with the result, It's real cool!

    Have a happy day!

  6. Super cute! Thank you so much for linking it up at gettin' crafty on hump day! :D

  7. Very Cute! I hope that she LOVES it! It looks like she does already!
    Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie!
    I hope to see you next week!

  8. Wow! Beautiful! =0)

    I am a new follower here from Boost My Blog Friday.


    Hope you have a great weekend. =0)

  9. What a happy room! I'd love it, too! Great job.

  10. I love how giant they are - makes her look like a little fairy! Thanks for linking to Craftastic Monday:)

  11. Thanks for sharing your magical garden at A Crafty Soiree! Such a delightful bedroom and one that's sure to inspire. I know you're probably tired of painting but it was definitely worth it. I bet she feels a little like Alice in Wonderland. Hope you'll join us at the lastest one, that begins tomorrow!

  12. How lovely. I have a thing for oversized flowers...my daughters room has big huge flowers and bees. You did an amazing job!


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