Friday, September 17

Not a regular Friday

I usually don't like Fridays much. Fridays at work  mean mad scrambles to get the urgent jobs taken care of.  We often get a last minute assignment that just put you over the edge. Fridays = frantic.

Not this Friday. This has been so far a really GOOD Friday. First because work didn't suck for a change : no last minute "fire drill", a nice lunch with all the team and a good giggle about some silly email. Then a few other cool things :

I got a ribbon button for my entry in TPRM's "All little things" photo challenge. Yay!

Here's the picture: 

That's already a pretty good day in my books. But there is more. My upcycled mirror was featured by Heather @ Me Making Do.  Re-yay ! 

And then more : 

Valerie @ Occasionally Crafty designated my blog for an awardTriple Yay!

And the cherry on the cake: My hubby's aunt and uncle are taking the munchkin for camping all weekend. Lots of projects are on the list of things that can't be done with kids around so we are going on DIY mode for the weekend, but mostly WE ARE GOING ON A DATE TONIGHT ! So ridiculously overdue too.Woop Woop!!

So tata for now! We are off to the pub for beer and dinner :D



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