Monday, September 13

Not fair !

You must all know by now .. I'm stash busting all month.
No purchases. NADA. I have to use what I have in stock. And then this happens :

One of my friends that I helped during her recent move gives me this. Not fair. 

 Almost halfway there. 
I'm going to ask my hubby to keep it for me until October


  1. I'm with you! My Father In Law just gave me a Michaels gift card! And there was the ad yesterday in the paper, just calling my name...saying "come see me with my 50% off coupon. You know you want to." And I promptly put it in the recycling. Well maybe not promptly. We can do it!

  2. Yes we can do it. This challenge has been great in more ways than one. I actually dug up things I didn't remember I had and turned out to be perfect for other projects I had in the back of my head. I'm staying strong.

    BTW I love all of your halloween crafts!



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