Wednesday, September 8

Back to school !

She doesn't look all that thrilled. There was no smile for the camera this morning. Everything went fine though. No drama. My sweet little bug is growing... well just a little bit !! 

When came time to go home she was absolutely pooped. We had planned an early dinner but she didn't even make it that far. When time to sit down at the table came, not a peep could be heard. I found her curled up on her bed, all dressed, hugging her blanky and Lulu (her stuffed otter). She barely groaned and opened half an eye while I changed her into her PJ's.

I'm fully expecting more of the same this week.


  1. What a sad expression! My little ones will do the same thing. My boy still needs a bit of a nap each day, if he doesn't get it, he's asleep by dinner time.


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