Tuesday, August 31

Check out the counter, check out the award!

50 subscribers! I'm flabbergasted it came so quickly. Now, the Google Friend connect is still a bit behind. So yes, the first giveaway is coming soon, as soon as the Google counter hits the magic number.

Oh and this very sweet award and shout-out from the Punk Rock Mom were waiting for me when I got home from a not so awesome day at work - Thank you! You are rocking my bloggiverse :)

Here are my recipient duties
Thank the blogger who awarded it to you. (check) 
Reveal 7 things about yourself
Pass it on to deserving fellow bloggers

7 things you didn't know about me :

I'm grateful blogging doesn't involve handwriting, and so should you. Think about the horrible cat scratch you are being spared. 
Twice a year, my kitchen gets transformed in a chocolate and cookies factory (That's for Christmas and Easter). 
1/3 of my closet is occupied by shoes. I think I need a bigger closet. Hubby disagrees. 
Mosquitos on this side of the Atlantic Ocean appear to think I'm a particularly delicious meal. I'm a way more popular dish here than I ever was back in Europe. Exotic food attraction maybe ? 
I love black sweet cherries. My dad has a home movie to prove it's been that way ever since I was 3 or 4 years old. 
I wish my mommy-mobile wasn't an automatic. Driving a Standard is so much more fun. 
This blog is 100% made on a Mac.

And here are the blogs and bloggers I'd like to pass the award to: 


  1. Oh, Caroline! Thank you so much! You are too sweet! And your blog is beautiful too!

  2. Thanks for passing the award to me. I'm glad I found your blog (or you found me, can't remember how it went).

  3. Congrats - How do you get the Google feed burner stats? I am kinda new at blogging and thought those stats are cool to see, but I don't know how to make them work on my blog


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