Thursday, September 30

Last one... until next time

Last stashbusting project before the shopping ban is lifted: a little makeover to give this little basket the right look for trick & treating.

I used the existing fabric lining as a template for the new one. Then dug through my stash for some ribbons and made a couple of flowers with buttons as center

Robin, I swear  I'm not going to shop tomorrow. I will just get hot glue, Saturday.

Wednesday, September 29

Eye of Newt

With October just around the corner I had to finish at least one more stashbusting projects for Halloween.  While nursing a bad strep throat I had time to think about what to do and I remembered about this pottery container that I used for a while as a violet planter. It looks a bit like a cauldron, doesn't it? 

So cauldron, Halloween, witches... Macbeth of course!!

"Eye of newt, and toe of frog,
Wool of bat, and tongue of dog,
Adder's fork, and blind-worm's sting,
Lizard's leg, and howlet's wing,--
For a charm of powerful trouble,
Like a hell-broth boil and bubble."

Even a nasty step throat could not keep me from crafting my own wicked broth. Here's my interpretation of the original recipe:

A couple of buttons with a piece of black crushed velvet and a bit of glue: eyes of newt

Another piece of velvet, green this time, stitched and stuffed with some batting : toe of frog


More black velvet and batting : wool of bat


I ran out of steam for the other ingredients but i had a neat scrap of batik that was just perfect for the hell-broth effect along with little cluster of pillow stuffing: 

Hmmm where is my pointy hat now ?? 

Monday, September 27

Under the weather

Been feeling a bit under the weather the past couple of days. Not up to crafting I'm afraid. I do have a few projects lined up but it will be later in the week, as long as the energy comes back for it.

In the meantime, something that always make me feel better, a happy little bug :

Sunday, September 26

Flower inspiration for little bug's bedroom

Looking for floral inspiration for my daughter's bedroom redo, our little trip to NY (upstate) for Labor day  weekend was the perfect occasion to snap some pictures of the summer beauties before it got too late in the year. Also a perfect occasion to play a bit more with the DSLR my hubby bought me for my birthday. I was quite baffled by how easy it was to get some quality close-ups. 

Last year I bought a couple of large frames on clearance which are still sitting in my craft supplies closet. I'm thinking about getting some posters printed with a couple of these shots. I've had some good results with Snapfish and you can have them printed at your local Staples store (no shipping). 

Saturday, September 25

Fall fashion for Princess Fiona

School is back in session, the nights are cooler and while we are still enjoying wonderful and cosy warmth in the afternoons, the truth is, fall is upon us. Princess Fiona did not have any appropriate outfits for the season and the cold ahead. 
A little more stashbusting - Well only a little because this didn't use much fabric at all obviously.  But the scraps I used for these, are from some of my favorites projects: A summer short overalls I made for my little bug a couple of years back and a cosy blanket/play mat I made for one of my nieces. 

Friday, September 24

Social Parade Friday

Hello and Welcome Friday friends!
Welcome to my little bloggiverse and thank you for taking the time to stop by. I hope you will enjoy the the visit in my creative world 

See what I have been up to this week : 


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Smart and Trendy Moms  My Wee View

Tutorial - Off to the pumpkin patch

Still stashbusting: One more project from materials in my fabric bins.

Now that fall has finally caught up with me, I'm ready to prepare for Halloween! This year my mom is taking care of my little bug's costume so I have time to make other decorations. With a bit of orange fleece and some scraps of green crushed velvet, I sewed my first pumpkin.

For this project you will need
- 1/4 yard of orange fleece or felt
- Stuffing material
- Thread and needle 
- A sewing machine that doesn't cringe about thick fabric (my old Singer would have been a bad candidate but my faithful Pfaff just went along with it.

  • Cut 6 ( roughly 7 inch long by 2 wide) wedges of the orange fleece/felt
  • Fold in half lengthwise and stitch a 2 inch pintuck on both ends 


  • This will define the shape of the pumpkin i.e  flatten the top and bottom
  • This is how it look from the wrong side (Left) and the right side


  • Sew 2 wedges together wrong side togethers (i.e. pinktucks outside) 


  • Add a third wedge - You have now a half pumpkin

  • Sew the second half pumpkin then attach the two halves on one edge
  • Cut a piece 2x 4 inch piece of green fleece/felt (I'm  still stashbusting so since I didn't have any and couldn't acquire some I went with what I had at hand...)
  • Fold in half and attach to the top of your pumkin


  • Stitch the last seams with the pumpkin inside out leaving a 2 inch opening
  • Turn the pumpkin right side out and stuff it
  • Stitch the opening
  • Stitch some ridges to the stem 

  • Optional : add a leaf to your stem

Et voila !



Thursday, September 23

Purse week

Nothing quite a little challenge to get my inspiration in overdrive. So when I saw the Lemon Squeezy Home Purse week contest post I just got right onto it.  

I had a few ideas already trotting in my head and I knew exactely where to dig up in my stash to find the supplies for 2 reasons, first I'm stashbusting with Robin @ The T-Shirt diaries and secondly I was already working on another purse project  but shhh that one is a secret!  

Note I almost tossed everything because that pretty blue fabric I picked out of my stash was fraying like crazy even though I had cut all the pieces with my pinking scissors. This is when I'm telling myself I really should invest into an overlock machine!So 2 late nights after this is the purse I put together for the challenge. As usual, I just winged it a bit as I was a bit limited in my supply options but this is not my first clutch. I learned a lot from my previous experiences like this one that I made for the Craftaholic Anonymous Christmas in July gift exchange : 

This time I chose to make a couple of things differently. 
  • Added a gusset on each side
  • Rounded the edges of the front flap and made it longer
  • No apparent button as I figured a good way to conceal the magnetic snap

So without further ado ... my latest purse creation: the China Blue Clutch. 

How did I do ? 

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