Thursday, September 2

Tip : a pedal that stays put

If you have a sewing machine chances are you have one of these : 

Yes a foot pedal.  And if you are like me, you have hardwood flooring, or some other smooth hard surface in your studio. Great for cleaning all the fuzz bunnies, scraps and other bits of whatnot from sewing/ crafting. Unfortunately that also make for an elusive foot pedal. Here is a trick I learned from a long time sewer/quilter: 

This is a rug anti skid mat. 

Cut a piece to fit your foot pedal with a little wiggle room

Voila: a pedal that stays put.


  1. It is the simple things, isn't it? Nice solution. I wish I had hard wood but my CA husband doesn't like it because his feet get cold in this lovely cold environment we live in (slippers anyone?) Oh Well!!

  2. In the dead of winter i do wish for carpet but the rest of the year, hardwood is so much better. And so much easier to keep clean - a really important details with little people and pets in the house


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