Tuesday, September 21

I was in denial ...

I was born and raised in the south of France, in my beloved Provence. I was raised hearing the sweet sound of cicadas baking in the sun.  The first 19 years of my life, fall was an extension of summer and winter a couple of windier/rainier and coldish months. Even though I have lived in many places since I've flown from the family nest, many colder than Provence. I've not been about to get used to the long winters and the snow. 

Fall is the season announcing winter, so not my best friend. Don't get me wrong, there are things I love about fall and winter : the apple orchards, hayrides and pumpkin patches, Halloween, a good pumpkin soup, the smell and noise  of a roaring wood fire in the fireplace, family gatherings for Thanksgiving and Christmas and so much more. It's really just the cold and the snow I'm not very fond of. 

The signs are all here now: the greens are turning to red and gold, nature is draping itself in jewels before the barren, sleepy season. The nights and morning are crisp. And the squirrels are busily tossing all the acorns they can on my terrace. Time for my first fall project: 

A tablecloth celebrating the glorious colors of the season and some flowers to compliment it. 


  1. Beautiful fabric. I love the colors of fall.

  2. I cant believe I waited 2 years to do something with that fabric !

  3. I love the colors in your tablecloth, it is beautiful!

  4. Your tablecloth is beautiful. Lucky you to have lived in different parts of the world :).

  5. Oh, that's just beautiful. Perfect for fall!

  6. Beautiful tablecloth and those flowers look perfect with it!


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