Sunday, March 25

Trading posts - Paper piecing and sweet bunnies

 In good trading post fashion, we did tray something new and out of our comfort zone again. This time around we were joined by another fellow blogger, Morgane from Bear, Dolly and Moi, that graciously agreed to school us in the art of paper piecing. Both Amie and myself were a bit nervous but very excited to try out this technique. Morgane made it easy and fun. She brought a pattern selection and great tips/expertise for a successful first experience. 

Morgane adding embroidery details to a lovely paper pieced panda and supervising our efforts

Morgane demonstrating the technique and Amie attentively observing

Euuuhh I swear this mess will turn out good

See Amie proudly showing her completed bunny

Yay! We made it!

Not bad for a first time :)

Now I'm working on turning my bunny into a small Easter quilted wall hanging.

Wednesday, March 21

Lemon twist necklace

 After slacking off for a few weeks, I finally got some pictures of my latest jewelry creations. I love those chunky light yellow glass beads that I bought over a year ago on sale. I had 2 strands left when I found those cute bead caps. It just was the perfect combination for the elongated shape of the beads and their slight twist. I added anthracite Swarovski pearls for contrast... grey and yellow are so pretty together.

You can guess the blooming branches of my forsythia bush in the background. 
Spring has definitely arrived in MD

Sunday, March 18

Pastel spring skirt

 Spring is definitely here, a full 4 weeks earlier than last year!!! I'm out of my usual winter funk but it also means I have to pay a visit to my Dr's office very soon to renew my Epi-Pen prescription ... bees will not wait for me to start buzzing around. It's also time for pretty outfits... Starting with a cutie Easter skirt for my sweet Bug. Love the bead hair in these pictures :)

And Bug loves the pink and pastel colors of this lovely paisley I got for a steal ( $4 a yard!!)

My ruffler foot got another workout... Definitely the best attachment to invest in when there is a little girl that loves frills and ruffles

Doesn't she already looks so grown up? 


And I even put a zipper !! 

Saturday, March 17

Oops I shopped

We took a little day trip to Lancaster PA. a couple of weeks ago. My husband was a good sport and waited while I went fabric shopping. I got really lucky, there was a spring sale just that day... Here is the loot:

A few delicious  Batiks

 This unusual gray scale Damask

A cute floral flanel for more pajamas

 A few spring paisleys


And some Kaufman to-die-for Japanese inspired gorgeousness

Yep I was bad... but everything was on sale for $4 or $5 a yard except the Kaufman's that were $8 or $9 a yard... not too, too bad. Now I really have to get to the studio and SEW/QUILT!

Sunday, March 11

Gone Quilting ...

I've been MIA again .. but not for lack of crafting or sewing.. nope I've been busy with a new quilt... If you are a Facebook follower you may already have seen a few pictures... 

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