Sunday, September 26

Flower inspiration for little bug's bedroom

Looking for floral inspiration for my daughter's bedroom redo, our little trip to NY (upstate) for Labor day  weekend was the perfect occasion to snap some pictures of the summer beauties before it got too late in the year. Also a perfect occasion to play a bit more with the DSLR my hubby bought me for my birthday. I was quite baffled by how easy it was to get some quality close-ups. 

Last year I bought a couple of large frames on clearance which are still sitting in my craft supplies closet. I'm thinking about getting some posters printed with a couple of these shots. I've had some good results with Snapfish and you can have them printed at your local Staples store (no shipping). 


  1. They are beautiful and cheerful. I can see how pretty they would look on the walls. Great idea.

  2. These are lovely! I especially like the water lilies. Very Monet-esque. :) Visiting from Saturday Soiree at A Little Lovely Blog.

  3. I particularly like the picture of the pinkish phlox in front of the yellow coneflowers.


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