Friday, December 30

Winding down, looking up

As the year is drawing to an end, I am in a way relieved to be soon able to turn a page. 2011 has not been the best of years by any means. Two surgeries, my father-in-law's cancer, many frustrations with work and the constant worry about Bug: all this was pretty taxing. Crafting and blogging have been my escape and my sanity check through this roller coaster. 

Things are definitely looking up for 2012: Bug has been finally properly diagnosed, the treatment is working wonders. She is doing great in school, beyond all our most optimistic expectations really. My father-in-law is in remission, with some mild adjustments he is back to a normal life.  I finally was able to transfer to the job I was hoping for and in a couple of weeks I will know whether I need another surgery... fingers crossed.

I want to thank all of you, readers, friends, for all your words of support and wish you a peaceful, happy and prosperous year 2012. For myself and my family, I hope for health and to be able find joy in every day.

Saturday, December 24

Merry Christmas

I've been MIA this past week and probably will be until the new year. I decided I needed a bloggy break but I will be back soon .

After all the most important things I have to do are all about Bug

Merry Christmas !!

Thursday, December 15

Black rose kimono scarf

Last year I made a myriad of satin and chiffon scarves for Christmas. I perfected the technique and style of the "Kimono" scarf but I had a harder time finding fabrics that I liked. Until I found this black and white roses print. I could not resist.  And there is the result: Very retro-chic isn;t it ?  So much so that it is currently on  display in a local vintage jewelry/clothing store  where it enhances an adorable  1960's cocktail dress.  The store owner asked me to make a couple more things to put in display  and we'll see if that sells. 

If not, no worries, I will wear this one!

Monday, December 12

Satin flowers ear warmers

 In case you were wondering... Yes,  I still make satin flower any occasion I get but you would probably get tired of seeing them all the time. With winter right around the corner, I figured a different way to use the unending supply: Instead of headbands, brooches and barrettes I made some cosy and chic ear warmers! I made quite a few but I still have some many fabric flowers I'm going to need other ideas ... Since I can't stop making them :)

Bug really liked the one with the pink flowers... the color is perfect for her

And Amie picked out the grey and yellow ... What a surprise...
Merry (early) Christmas Amie!

Friday, December 9

Trading Posts - Christmas Bunting

 Another Trading Post... this time Amie (Kitty Cats and Airplanes and myself were joined by a third crafter, Megan. The 3 of us whipped together something festive and simple to put Megan at ease with her brand new sewing machine: Bunting. We were able to finish one for each of us all the while, Megan learned some sewing tips, how to use a cutting matt and a rotary cutter safely and how to make custom binding. I think she left with a new sense of confidence on her new sewing skills and we definitely had a good time

I still have to find a good spot to hang the finished product...

After Megan left, and while waiting for a pizza (and Amie's husband), I helped Amie putting together a cutie little pincushion in shades of green. She did a great job !

Thursday, December 8

Hanukkah table runner

The workshop is also gearing up for Hanukkah. We have a sweet friend that really helped us greatly when were were struggling to get Bug all the help she needed before she was diagnosed with ADHD. She also gave me a set of vintage glasses that are to die for: green with a gilded embossed rim. This is only a small token of gratitude. And hopefully something that will embellish her table during the Festival of Lights that is starting today

Monday, December 5

Rustic terra cotta and pearls necklace

Santa's workshop entails a lot of sewing of course but for the past year I have enjoyed creating jewelry. For this necklace, I mixed some Swarovski crystal pearls and more rustic glazed terra cotta beads. I wish I had taken more pictures because it looks fabulous on a rustic sweater as much as on a blouse. I love it. Too bad Santa has to deliver it somewhere...


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