Wednesday, November 30

Ruby Lou rag dolls quadruplets

A couple of month ago I was lucky enough to win a Ruby Lou doll pattern. Ruby Lou is totally adorable and I knew immediately I would sew a couple for Christmas to make some little girls happy. Last weekend, the Ruby Lou quadruplets were born. I was driven to get them finished quickly so I could send them overseas to their future little 'mommies'. I even enlisted my mother-in-law to help with the "stuffing". Of course I had to put my own twist on this set of quadruplets: they have yarn hair rather than felt and they shoes are made out of flannel.

Here they are looking happy and relaxed

They had to have pretty names: 

Ruby (of course), Rena
Rachel and Rebecca

Here they are sharing one last big hug before they are going their separate ways. I think they are going to be happy in their new homes!

Monday, November 28

MIA - Kinda

I have been MIA lately. Not because I was sick, in outer space or that there was nothing to show. None of that. I have been in Santa's workshop mode the past 2 weeks: dolls, scarves, table runner, headbands, barrettes, jewelry. I've been a busy bee, took a ton of pictures but I've had zero time to put posts together because I'm working against the clock! With most of my family in Europe I have to mail all my Christmas presents very soon. So far it looks like I'm going to make the deadline so please forgive the hiatus. There will be plenty to see very soon. And maybe a giveaway to celebrate almost 700 subscribers. What do you think?

Tuesday, November 22

Shabby Apple winner!

I am very happy to announce the winner of this gorgeous necklace



Congratulations Nancy please contact me as soon as possible !

Sunday, November 20

Cancan ruffled satin scarf

The studio is in overdrive. Only a few weeks until Christmas and still so much to do. I had started this scarf several weeks ago but it was kind of bland, just the chocolate satin with a crushed raspberry border. 
Finally I figured out how to bring a bit of pizzaz to my creation: Ruffles. Out came the ruffler foot. And soon a completely different look:

Now not only does it have fun colors, it also has a feminine vintage feel. I decided to call it the Cancan scarf.


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Thursday, November 17

DIY Mantel reveal

This is a picture of my fireplace last year just before Christmas

And this is the same fireplace today
Notice the difference ? Yes ! I have a mantel!!

Uncle John and I worked together a saturday morning and put this together while the hubby was taking care of Bug. First we measured and had to do a little bit of math, then we tacked 1x2 strips of wood to the the studs.

Added some L brackets

Then measured some more and installed the ledge

 And after more measuring and more math, the crown moulding came under the ledge.

I'm terrified of using a circular saw so Uncle John did all the cutting but I was a champ using the drill and mail gun. Then came sanding, caulking, painting. But it's finished now. And the result is way beyond what I had hoped for. I can't wait to decorate for Christmas this year. It's a bit early for it though. So I did decorate for fall and of course Thanksgiving.

I'm just happy, really happy about my new mantel.

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Monday, November 14

Christmas before Christmas giveaway with Shabby Apple

Only 6 weeks until Christmas? 6 Weeks !! What is on your list ? How about adding one of the absolutely gorgeous  Shabby Apple creations. Yes just for you! Are you excited yet ? 

Shabby Apple has wonderful and timeless designs, stylish women's dresses that will make you look fabulous for every occasions. They also have an extensive selection of vintage inspired jewelry and accessories, dresses for little girls, and so much more.


I can see myself in any of these wonderfully designed dresses 
How about this classy red number ? Or a navy everyday look?
Classic lines oh so feminine  in taupe?
Or  the quintessential little black dress in retro chic ?

Don't you think my little Bug would be adorable in one of these?

And how fabulous would you look with this stylish bauble around you neck ?

Yes that's right, you may be the lucky recipient of this 

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Saturday, November 12

Cosy ruffled wrap

I still can't wrap my head around the impeding colder time of the year. We actually had a preview just before Halloween with some flurries. Bug was all excited and wanted to go play out side. Me, not so much. I figured I needed something cozy and colorful to stay warm in my new office. Between the voile top and satin back, I layered some low loft cotton quilt batting. That should be the perfect amount of warmth with some cheerful colors to fight off the gloom. I couldn't help adding a little ruffle for a touch of contrast.

Tuesday, November 8

Trading posts - Felt ornaments

Christmas is approaching and my list is not getting any smaller. Actually it has been growing. But I did cross off a few items this past saturday with Amie (Kitty Cats & Airplanes). Felt, lace, trims, sequins and glitter came out of boxes and drawers for a feast of Christmas ornaments. A lot of the designs we picked out came out of my Pinterest Ornaments board. We both used the same design ideas but apart from the first ornament we came out with different results. 
In the following photos, Amie's ornaments are on the right and mine on the left except for the second one

First one... just a warm up 
Just felt and beads

Second one  -  Amie's is the beige and black one
Lace, beads, sequins vs rickrack and sequins
White vs. colors

Then came the trees
Rickrack and sequins vs. Lace and beads
White vs. colors

The birds
White lace vs. black lace

And last the angels 

I tried an additional design

 Amie and I had a great time despite a couple of slight glue gun burns. We are looking forward to our next crafty meeting!!

Sunday, November 6

What I have been up to - Week 44

I had fun! I had so much fun this week. So far I'm liking my new job even though I miss my old team a lot. We shared a large office so there was plenty of occasions for interaction. That's us on Friday last week  (the other members of the team are telecommuters).

 I'm now located in a sea of cubicles and even though the team is awesome, the cube partitions make communication a bit more of a challenge. I'm learning a lot and enjoying the atmosphere  but I came home exhausted pretty much every night this week... meaning not much crafting got done. My new manager is pretty laid back as long as the job gets done, he's fine with a bit of rule bending. 

Monday, we took Bug on her Candy Run :). She had a lot of fun and was quite successful.

We are rationing the loot though.

Yesterday was crafty day. Amie (Kitty Cats & Airplanes) and myself had another play date (yay!). This time around we played with felt and Amie kindly let me use her silhouette for a project for Bug .

After that Bug, the hubby and I  had dinner at a friends' house and had a wonderful evening. Kids played, we ate and talked and laughed. We should have more of those! Today was quiet. I'm putting the finishing touches on my new mantel and finished battling the backlogged laundry. Then I took my sewing machine to the Sew & Vac shop: it badly needs a tune up especially with the stack of Xmas projects lined up in the coming weeks! Not sure how much I will be able to share though... I firmly believe presents should remain a surprise... 

What have you been up to?

Wednesday, November 2

Chocolate raspberry quilt

Last year I fell in love with this color combination of lime green, raspberry and chocolate in this sweet paisley. I bought everything and started cutting and piecing the same day. Then came a few setbacks: I had sewn one of the rows upside down and had to get friendly with my seam ripper. Once the top was finished I had a hard time finding the right fabric for the back. Then I had to unstitch part for the quilting because I noticed the fabric had bunched up in the back... My seam ripper and I had a close relationship while I undid the problem area. And I finally fixed it too. So now it's really really finished. 

I wish I had bought more of the stripped fabric I used for the border

I'm pretty happy with the precision of the piecing and also love how the quilting turned out in the back

It is cheery and tame still, enough that my husband will use it.

And so cosy when we both cuddle under it while watching a movie

Celebrate Color

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