Monday, February 27

Trading Posts - Conquer the zipper

Amie and I decided to challenge ourselves out of our comfort zone this time around... and get over our zipper apprehension to make a couple of  zippered pouches following an Amy Butler pattern I dug up from my stash. After fabric selections, we had to run to JoAnn's to buy the zippers we needed.
Back in my studio, we got too busy to take pictures until it was all done.

Here is Amie taking a picture of her pretty make-up bag

I think we both did great !


Amie made the larger make-up bag

I picked a smaller pouch

And a coin purse

Here they are all together .. Pretty !

Thursday, February 23

Spring envies necklace

Looking at the calendar, spring is just a few weeks away and frankly I can't wait. I never made a mystery I'm not much of a winter person. Even though this winter has been extremely mild, I long for flowers, grill parties and just hanging out in the sun. I have "spring envies". Time to pop some spring colors to help the mood. So I made a fun necklace with green polka dot beads. To finish the look,  I decided for some matching "pompom" earrings.

Aren't those polka dot beads too much fun !

Monday, February 20

Evening ruffled wrap

This project is a commission for a dressy wrap.
I used a black satin damask and married it with light-weight ultrasuede and organza. Again a good workout for my ruffler foot (Love it!!). This was so easy to make and looks very dressy, just perfect to cover when wearing a sleeveless gown for a cocktail or evening dinner in the colder weather. Here is Amie modeling it for me. Even with jeans and a sweater, I think it looks smashing!

To glam it up, I added a hint of gold with an embroidered border.

Thursday, February 16

Pajama party !!

I did it! I grabbed all the cute fleece Bug had been choosing during our craft store expeditions and made all of those that were big enough for it into pajama pants.  Chocolate with aqua hearts with a rick rack trim, flowers and ladybugs, and flowers and hearts with a fun red satin ruffle. Bug looooves them and I think I have the elastic waist pants technique down pat now :)

Here is Bug rocking her new girly pajamas!


Monday, February 13

Something I love about blogging

I just wanted to put a little note to say thank you to two special ladies, bloggers and very special friends for being so awesome this past week. One brought me homemade soup, and the other sent me pretty flowers. But mostly what they gave me was love and healing. You know who you are and I thank you.  
Another reason for me to love blogging: I made connections to incredibly talented and inspiring people. I am so incredibly lucky and blessed to have earned their friendship :)

Sunday, February 12

Behind the scene the past two months...

I haven't posted a weekly update in a really long time. Too much craziness. Not enough hours in the day. Feeling overwhelmed and out of control. But I kept on crafting, because the creative process is what helps me keeping it together. I didn't want to shut the blog down either but I had to slow the posting rhythm and cut down dramatically on the time I spent responding to emails. To those who wrote, thank you and please forgive my lack of response. I did have to make some choices about this blog to make time for things of life. 

Behind the scene, I've been struggling with health concerns some more. Just before Christmas, I found out  I had to have a third surgery, which happened this past week and finally my doctor confirmed this is IT ... all clear, no more surgeries or medications needed. While I'm still recovering from the procedure, I am psyched the 13 months of nightmare are behind me, soon just a bad memory. I will still need to focus on my health for a while: I need to loose some more weight, eat better, exercise more and this means blogging may still be slow or even spotty, email responses may be slow. But I'll still be around :) ... and so much happier already.

What have you been up to?

Friday, February 10

Step stool to foot stool

This poor old step stool... looking all ratty and tired was begging for some TLC... And the armchair in my basement needed a companion to facilitate the concept of "putting your feet up"

A bit of foam and batting
And the left over of the slipcover fabric..

Now I can put my feet up

No more old tired step stool... Instead I have a supercomfy footstool.

Wednesday, February 8

Pretty in Pink Necklace

My hubby's company recently had they annual party and I wanted to add a little color to my black evening gown. Amie swapped a few stands of beads with me on our last "bead fest", I especially loved those pink cube beads. I immediately knew I wanted to mix them with silver beads. 
A little craft shop trip later, I had found the perfect match. Pink and silver round beads soften the cubes.

I even made matching earrings :) 

It looked great with the black gown and my ribbon clutch. And I think I will wear it for Valentine's day too.

Sunday, February 5

Trading posts - Bead party

My studio saw another crafty party with Amie (Kitty Cats and Airplanes) and Meg (In the Loop). This time we went all out beads with a bit of Valentine in the back of our minds. Amie brought her stash, we spread out the combined loot on the floor, sat down and got started. It was an epic bead explosion! Jewelry making is a bit out of Meg's comfort zone but she went along, with a bit of assistance for the more technical parts. designed those adorable pink bracelets:

Amie made a long chain necklace

And I finally used this glass heard shaped pendant I bought last year with some braided seed beads and hematite heart earrings to go along.

The three of us had a great time as usual.

Friday, February 3

Fireflies and Jellybeans Wine tote pattern giveaway

Weekend is right around the corner and I have a surprise ... I recently did a pattern test for Fawnda from Fireflies and Jellybeans and she has a special treat for you!!

Hello, Fawnda here (from Fireflies and Jellybeans), I am so excited to introduce my newest pattern: It is a Double Wine Tote!

The double wine tote is the perfect way to carry your wine safely anywhere you want to go. Whether you are going to a party or a evening with close friends and family, you are sure to look stylish with this chic wine tote! **The Pattern come with a license to sell what you make!** Caroline was gracious enough to be one of my pattern testers!  Her tote turned out FANTASTIC! 

To introduce my pattern I am giving away 1 free to a Artfully Caroline reader!  
Also Artfully Caroline readers get 20% off at my shop: Funky Joy.  
Just use the code: CAROLINE


- You must be a follower of Artfully Caroline (new or current) and leave a comment telling me which fabric color you would use to make your wine tote if you win

- Like Fireflies and Jellybeans' blog and leave a comment you did so  (new or existing) 
- Like Fireflies and Jellybeans on facebook and leave a comment you did so  (new or existing) 
- Like Artfully Caroline on facebook and leave a comment you did so  (new or existing) 

This giveaway will close on Tuesday, February 7th, 11PM eastern and the winner will be announced the next day.

Thursday, February 2

Wednesday, February 1

Cosy flannel pajamas

Bug often tags along in my craft store expeditions. I usually allow her to pick out a remnant piece for me. Lately she has been picking out flannel. I don't know about you but for me flannel = pajamas for the cold months. Bug of course picked some girly prints and it was a good experience for me to use a pair of her pants as a pattern for this project.

Bug is super happy with her girly pajamas and it shows right ?? 

Yep she really really likes them :) 

I guess should make some more since I have a few other Bug-picked flannels in my fabric stash ... after all it is the time of the year to be cosy and warm inside. Pajamas party coming up !!

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