Saturday, February 12

White Knights' week - Captain Underpants and the twirl skirt with Nike

My third white knight and champion of repurposing is Nike. I'm always looking forward to Nike's next creation on her zero dollar budget. That's creativity! Her motto: "Rock what you got". Yes she does all this with no budget, a houseful of little bandits children she calls The Dirty Half Dozen and you guessed already a solid sense of humor.



Happy Saturday and hello to everyone at Atelier Caroline! I’m Nike (Neeka) from Choose To Thrive and I’m happy to be spending the weekend with all you!

In my latest super-human attempt to finish all those someday projects that I bought stuff for eons ago, I dug out this cute Valentine’s Day fabric just in time for my daughters to have skirts to wear … for one day.

Bravo on the timing Super Mom, bravo.

I found a simple skirt pattern perfect for a rookie sewer like me: sew sides, hem, add elastic. And everything was going along just swimmingly until I came to the adding elastic part. Because as it turns out, I was fresh out of elastic.

So I used my Super Mom powers and did the only thing I could think of …

Grab a pair of undies, some scissors and Rock What Ya Got!

And the result?

A quick, cute, finished skirt with no-cost notions to boot.

Want to make one for your little ones?

I used the Lazy Days skirt pattern which is free to download for personal use from oliver + s.

I followed the pattern directions for materials, using fabric from my stash. For the waistband, I cut away the elastic band from a worn and ready-to-toss pair of skivvies …

… and trimmed it to the length I needed for the skirt with lightening speed.

You can remove left-over fabric  from the elastic with a seem ripper for a cleaner look, but was in a hurry and skipped that step. No biggie either way.

And since these Valentine’s skirts were made out of  elastic from a pair of super hero undies, they may just be the first skirts with super powers:

Captain Underpants to the rescue!

Add a make-shift cape from a fabric scrap, eye wear of choice, and you’ve got yourself a super fun afternoon.

So, next time you have clothes that are ready to toss,

S  T  O  P

and cut out that waistband!

I keep mine in a large ziplock bag until I’m ready to break them down. 

Then whenever I have some time to kill during a TV show, movie, long car ride, or break from fighting the forces of evil, I whip out my seem ripper and get to work.

So there you have it …

… free sewing notions and a finished project without a single trip to the store!

And that’s pretty super.

for more of my projects and tips to live and craft without spending a dime.

The skirt and the superhero are adorable. Captain Underpants did save the day!
Check out Nike's blog and learn how to create "fabulous" with a zero budget.


  1. It was a joy to share my Saturday with you and you are truly a girl after my heart!
    Blessings to you and your family,

  2. Great ideas!! And the skirt is adorable!!

  3. I love this idea...when the creative bug hits sometimes we have to get resourceful....good job.

  4. I love the repurposing. It's something older generations used to do. My grandma always cut off buttons, zippers, etc, when an item was too worn out to wear. I inherited those buttons and they are a treasure.

  5. Girl you can rock it like a rock star! You blow my mind-but really it is so simple if you think about it! Some big whig should get wind of you and do some TLC special about you!

  6. I was doing some serious smiling while reading this post. So ingenious...and the sweet, adorable girl just is the cherry on top.

    Your blue bag is enviable!

  7. This is pure genius! Do you know how many pairs of underoos my boy goes through??

    Love it!

  8. I'm a new follower of your blog!! I am in awe of all the goodness here... thanks for all of your inspiration.


  9. OMG i love this project!!

    GFC following from Relax & Surf

  10. That is awesome! Using boys underwear in a girl's skirt! Makes me laugh!

  11. You are a woman after my own heart. I re-purpose almost everything! (including elastic) You can get a ton of elastic off an old sheet, and use the good parts of the sheet for quilts, pajama pants, dolly clothes, pillow cases, and just about anything!
    I LOVE the pics- and the skirt is adorable.


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