Sunday, August 10

Fixer upper - The 1st floor bath

When we bought our new house, we knew there would be a lot of work involved, even before being able to move in. The previous owners had not bothered with much renovations beyond painting so a lot of rooms we still much in the same state as in 1985 when the house was built. And then the house sat empty for almost 4 years. We set priorities to having at least one functional full bathroom and a serviceable kitchen. 

This is what the first floor bathroom looked like when we first toured the house

First a bit of demo: 
Remove the old vanity, toilet and fixtures, peel the grimy glued on vinyl flooring 
then fix the holes

We had a good laugh when we found a patch of the original wall paper behind the toilet tank:
Space Invaders style :)

Then new floor and fresh paint,  new vanity and backsplash

Tada !!

We did keep the light fixture above the vanity after a good scrub of course

New bathroom for under $1000


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