Sunday, July 20

Quiltspiration 365 : A day of wonder and wander

We are on vacation and taking a trip to Boston.  We left Maryland Friday and stopped in Poughkeepsie NY overnight. Our firmed up plan only included a visit to the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome for Saturday afternoon. So in the morning, we did a little research and ended up visiting the FDR Springwood Estate and the Vanderbilt "Hyde Park" mansion before heading to the airfield.

The grounds near FDR's house were absolutely stunning. A true color overload.

At the presidential library, a floor mosaic made me smile

And the Vanderbilt estate was full of patterns, geometrical arrangements

interlocked wit more organic patterns

Even the ventilation grates were pretty 

Not to mention the amazing  carved stone patterns

Beauty is everywhere, in nature as much as in man-made wonders.


  1. Great pictures! Love what looks like a glass ceiling.

    1. Yes, it's a glas ceiling, a very impressive feature of the mansion

  2. Beautiful! And definitely inspiring. Love that mosaic tile floor.

  3. Love the pictures!!! Is that a sailboat in the mosaic tile :) enjoy Boston! We live in Salem NH 35 miles north! We love Boston!


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