Sunday, November 14

What I've been up to this week

This year, as every year since we settled down in Maryland, we will be heading to Aunt Joan and Uncle John for Thanksgiving. So I'm skipping forward and concentrating on the next BIG thing: Christmas. My little bugs is also getting excited about it. Already we watched the Polar Express a couple of times. She cannot get tired of it. I admit I alternate the French and the English soundtrack to keep it "fresher". 
Are you getting excited about the holidays? I AM. Lots of preparations went on this week. Soon my kitchen will be transformed into a cookie and chocolate truffle factory. So I shopped for cookie tins,  stocked up on baking supplies. Love it. And of course lots and lots of sewing.

All those pretty scarves hanging in my studio. I had to take a picture. The red one is now adorning Lisa's neck who was thrilled by the unconventional design. 3 more are cut and ready to be sewn.

I also have all the supplies for a play tent and tutus for my nieces. The tutus are well underway but no pictures yet, dead battery. Oops. Maybe tomorrow.  

Four dozens of those organza and satin ornaments are now waiting to be hung. Do you think I went a little overboard? Well maybe but I don't plan on keeping all the production. 

Want some of these for your tree ? 
2 options for you: 
  •   I will be giving away one pair to my readers every Monday between now and St Nicholas (december 6th) which is when we traditionally trim our tree. Soon we will be hunting for it. 
  • I'm working on a tutorial and PDF pattern so you can make your own - That should be ready next week
So stay tuned...

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