Friday, November 26

Meet my new baby

I mentioned in a previous post, I went to an estate sale last week. The lady whose estate was being liquidated used to be a professional seamstress but she had not sewn in years. There was fabric galore, stockpiles of lace, mounds of buttons, and many many more things to drool over. After shuffling through the fabrics, browsing the laces and digging into the buttons I turned around, and there she was, flanked by 2 giant Juki DDL-227, shy in her avocado glory: a Babylock EA-605. A gem, like new, in its original box. Not a scratch, not a chip, and, lucky me, nobody looking at her. I guess they didn't like green. 

I negotiated the price down a bit and that night, she came home with me. I brought her to the sewing machine spa and there is is, in my studio. I just need to find a way to mark the tension knobs, this model doesn't have a dial. Small detail all things considered.

I can't wait to get started !! I'm going to take her for a quick trip  to Aunt Joan to get a crash course this weekend. And I already know what my first project will be. It's still a secret though. 


  1. Wow!!! You seriously hit the jackpot. You are going to have sew much fun! ;)

  2. WOW Nice ! you did a good job finding this !
    Come follow me back ! happy blog hop !


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