Friday, November 12

Scarf overdose ?

Still furiously sewing to keep on track with having hand crafted gifts for friends and family this year... 3 more finished. I had fun putting together the red one but I'm not sure whether I want to go through the trouble of making one more ... It was a LOT of work. It's also a birthday gift so it will be in the hand of the recipient in the morning. I know she will love the color. I hope she'll like the funky edge too. 

Another variation on the kimono scarf - 2 of this color scheme  are now finished on top of the 3 in cream pink and turquoise. I counted I need to sew 4 more, I got to dig through my stash, I'm afraid I may just run out of chiffon fabric this weekend - or overdose on scarf sewing before that. Maybe it's time to put those aside and get my nieces presents started. I have to ship presents for my family in France and Switzerland by the end of the month to be sure everything gets there on time - Sometimes even priority mail takes weeks to get to destination. 

I also stated on a few more Christmas ornaments, they still need the final touch though so no pictures yet.


  1. The red scarf is gorgeous! I commend you for the funky edge--awesome! I can imagine how much work that was.

  2. I love scarves!

    I just found you blog on the Boost my Blog Friday blog hop. Have a wonderful weekend!

    Amanda @


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