Monday, November 29

Christmas ornament giveaway - Week 3

As for the previous weeks, these ornaments made from satin and organza and lovingly sewn by yours truly. Time to enter to win this week's ornament selection:

A green tree and a violet heart

How to enter : 
  • Just post a comment and be a GFC follower. 
  • One entry per person 
  • Enter until Saturday December 4th 

Winners will be announced on Sunday December 5th.


  1. Hi. New follower here. There's just something about homemade ornaments, especially if they've been WON. :)

  2. Love your ornaments. Very impressive!

  3. Cute ornaments - we have very few ornaments on our tree yet this year because most of the ones we own are made of glass - our 18-month old would be breaking them and trying to eat the scraps.

  4. So adorable! I'm already following you but stopping by through the Boost My Blog Friday Blog Hop! I hope you'll do the same! You can find me @

    Sofia's Ideas


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