Monday, November 1

Stash disclosure

I caved in and shopped ... after being cooped up for a whole week and spending days catching up I needed a little "feel good" experience. Starting next week, I'll be working full gear to make Christmas presents so the shopping trip had some purpose

A little Amy Butler - First time ever can you believe it ?
 I just got a set of fat quarters that I'm going to marry with solids for some cute sun dresses for my nieces

Did I ever mention how much I love brocade and paisley?? 
This was the end of the bolt and 50% off  - Throw pillow anyone ? 

These strawberries were just too yummy to pass up
Not sure what I will use that one for

I was at a fabric store near Lancaster PA last April and just fell in love with the gold and peacock blue (on the right side) 
Just stumbled on the flower print on the right
And now I have tons of idea to play with peacock blue

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