Tuesday, November 30

New toy : Ruffler attachment

My Pfaff sewing machine came back from the "spa" (read Sew n' Vac tune up) on Friday in great shape. No more clicking and clacking: it sounds all smooth. Actually it's been better than it ever was since I "acquired" it second hand (as a barter deal) 3 years ago. The tension issue I had in the past couple of weeks are gone. No more thread breaking, bunching and other irritating problems that made me consider shopping around for an affordable replacement. The strike plate even looks like new. It's been so nicely polished I first thought it had been replaced. I'm so happy now that I know I have a few more years with this machine. So I bought a new toy attachment to play create fun stuff with: 

I know, I know. This is a scary metal beast. It looks complicated and ready to pinch or bite. Believe me it's a great toy: it's a ruffler foot. I know you can do ruffles without one. But when you do a LOT of ruffles this is the bomb. Wait until you see what I've been doing with it! I'm having tons of fun. Well worth the $15 I spent on it.

The downside is I can't play too much with is just yet. I still have to finish a couple of things on my Christmas list that need to be shipped to my family in Europe this Saturday at the latest. So I had to put my new toy away until I'm done with those. Priorities, priorities!


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