Wednesday, November 3

Not enough hours in a day

It's so frustrating to have so many ideas for crafts and sewing projects and so little time to actually get them from an idea to the concrete result. I have at least a dozen projects lined up and at various planning stages, all to be completed by Christmas. Yikes there is less than 60 days to go!! There are not enough hours in my days to fit all I need/want to do. 

I did get started tonight. I'm testing another idea I had. My first Christmas project : a fabric star ornament. I have a few more of those still brewing. And there will be tutorials and a Christmas giveaway. 

I loooooove Christmas


  1. I love Christmas too! My ticker told me this morning that it is in fact 51 sleeps to go! I am sitting here typing with my first cuppa of the day with Christmas music playing. Love it.

    I love your star and am looking forward to seeing what you make for my favourite time of year :-)

    Just wanted to add that I received my package from you. I love it so much, thank you again. I sent an email when it arrived but wanted to say thanks again xx

  2. I love satiny fabric. This star turned out so pretty. Yes, I think most of us know what you mean about having so many projects you want to get done...

  3. Oh this is so pretty!!!! So glad you linked it to the Passionately Artistic site!!!

  4. I love Christmas too! This is a such a great idea for an ornament. Looks like you will have a few busy weeks coming up!

    Best wishes,

  5. I love your star great job Thanks for linking up to A Crafty Creative Christmas Link up!

  6. Pretty. I adore fabric ornaments. MY mom has a lot of fabric ones and they remind me of home.


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