Tuesday, August 17

The little blog that could

I must confess when I started this blog a few weeks ago I had no idea how it was going to shape up. My only goal was to display some of my creations.

I did peruse around other blogs (I am so hooked now !!) and suddenly I knew I had to go a little beyond showcasing my work. I had to share the nitty gritty of creating.

A couple of tutorials later I so happy decided to go down that road. I am having so much fun showing how my modest skills (I have no formal training in sewing, quilting, painting or photography) can bring a big wow factor to simple project. I'm also super thrilled by the awesome feedbacks I have received so far.

So thank you thank you everyone that has contributed in turning this blog into the little blog that could. I was thinking last weekend about setting up giveaway when the 50 followers mark is reached. It looks like I'm going to have to think more seriously about it very soon because the counter is growing super fast!

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