Friday, August 20

Preparing for the first big milestone

Yes I'm planning my first giveaway. The number of followers for my little crafty blog has jumped dramatically in the past couple of weeks. At this pace, the 50 mark will be reached by labor day (Ok maybe I'm a tad too optimistic but I'm having so much fun with this blog).  Just throwing ideas for right now but I'd like to have at least 3-4 gifts to send. 

I've been making a few of those girly headbands
How about I set couple aside ? 


  1. These headbands are so cute! I wish I had a little girl to put them on :) All boys here! (But I did buy one the other day that was so cute- white and hot pink. For the little girl I want one day! Hope I didn't jinx myself! LOL!)
    Found your blog through The Girl Creative/ Trendy Treehouse Friday Follow, and I'm so glad I did! Love it!
    Hope to see you around the bloggy-verse!

  2. Hey MaryAnne,
    I think my first response got lost in cyberspace.
    Glad you found me ... glad I found you too. I'm going to try to take your photo challenge... Sounds like something fun to do !



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