Sunday, August 15

Up-cycled seat cushion

My little bug and I spend a lot of time in out walkout basement. While I sew and craft, she plays, draws, paints and watches movie. She likes to lay down in her tent but with the wood flooring it's not all that comfortable.  I had salvaged a couple of foam chair pads that needed a new cover and never got around doing it. And here is the transformation

First hot glued them together then wrapped them in batting material. 

Then I made a ruffle out of satin fabric.
I cut and pieced a couple of 5" wide strips of the fabric
Then used this cool technique to stitch a tube with a string inside then pull the string to turn the tub over

Then marked the place I wanted to put the ruffle on the fabric for the cover 
Pinned the ruffle

Stitched the ruffle on 
Next step was to pin the fabric cover outside in leaving a gap to pull the cushion out

Then I stitched around leaving a gap to turn the cover right side out

Last step was to add an elastic  to hold the cushion rolled up when it'd not being used 
I stitched another fabric tube with the same fabric as the bottom of the cover
Pulled a wide elastic inside the tube
Stitched it to the bottom of the cover 
And stitched the gap closed

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