Monday, August 9

Ever really really wished you would be a giveaway winner ?

Right now I really really really wish I would be the lucky one!!

For back to school, Sew, Mama, Sew! is having a fabulous giveaway for a top of the line serger - See all the details here.
What a beauty!! Considering all my sewing machines have been second (or even third hand), having a) a brand new machine b) One that can do something else that my current one can, that would be creativity heaven!!

I’ve started doing clothes for my 4-year old (and her baby doll) and I would love to use knits for shorts and skirts, little tops and sundresses. My faithful Pfaff has some stitches that are mimicking the overlock but. I like things neat and tidy. Pseudo overlock doesn’t come close to the real thing. Major holdback!! I can only imagine all the cool things I could to with a serger!! Ruffled edges on bouncy skirts, nice finished sleeves with top stitching. 

Then there are also all the lovely things I could make with bath towels: Hooded bathrobes, super absorbent bibs. With my girlfriends having babies left and right, so many handmade gifts … endless possibilities. And so much time saved on other projects! Sheer curtains, washcloths from reclaimed towels, kids dress-up. 

OK, got to stop here. *Here is to dreams coming true*

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