Tuesday, August 3

Progress report

Today, I took a quick side trip to JoAnn's to grab some odds and ends : velcro, elastic band, snaps. And like that I stubbled on this little jewel:

It's a chalk marker that WORKS. 

Why I know this? Well, I recall my grand-mother using one when I was little(Not quite like that one, she had a dressmaker tracer, but same principle: her only had the wheel, this one drops a thin line of chalk). After testing various tracing methods like dress maker pencils, crayons, soap (yes soap), I have to say this is the bomb!

It's just the thing I needed to get over my quilter's block. 

Looks what I was able to free-hand trace on my quilt project : 

It's my on-call week at work so I'm stuck with little projects I can drop in a heartbeat. Quilting will have to wait next week. But I'm getting excited about it! 

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