Tuesday, August 17

Handprint(ed) wall hanging

Today I was able to finish hemming the new curtains for the master bedroom closet and hang them. I'm very happy with the finished look and so happy the ugly by-folds are history !! After hanging them I felt energized and decided to tackle one more project. 

So I went through the bins of  "work in progress" and picked out the wall hanging. Piecing is finished, I found the right fabric for the backing and pinned it for quilting.  Time for  more than just a peek. Yes those are handprints: the right leaf is me, the left leaf is the hubby and the flower is made out of our daughter's handprints. We "printed" the flower in my kitchen when my little bug was not quite a year old. I stashed it away in a safe place and forgot about it.

Last June, when we finalized my craft corner in the basement I went through bins and bins of art supplies, unfinished projects and fabrics. I'm so glad I found the right fabrics and the time to put this together. Way overdue. Oh and the red dots are not stains ... they are ladybugs (my little one adores flowers, butterflies and ladybugs this so perfect for her and so incredible I painted those over 3 years ago!)

After pinning there was still a little bit of juice in me so I quilted the center ( the picture was taken just before I started pinning). I think this will be finished soon. It makes me happy !!!

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