Sunday, October 10

Playing catch up - Part 3

The baby quilt is back on tracks, with only a bit of stitching to be finished on the top. I've just finished the binding and it's now tumbling dry after a first run the in the wash....I had to push aside a lot of things to get to that point so time for a bit of catch up on other business that I has to push aside to finish the quilt for the friday deadline.

Atelier Caroline Giveaway:  Sorry to all that have entered. I will put the winner announcement Wednesday at the latest

Sew Dang Cute Giveaway: Your prize will be shipped by Thursday

Again, I apologize for the delays, the downside of trying to do so many things on top of taking care of my family, my house and having a full time job , I managed to over-extend myself again. I'm so very behind on everything especially responding to all your wonderful comments. This week will be dedicated to regroup and get back on track of being organized.

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