Monday, October 4

It's October... I shopped

Stashbuting September is over. I made it!! I only ran out of hot glue and invisible thread. So I took an hour off from my daughter's bedroom redo and went to JoAnn to get some on Saturday.

OK I had ulterior motives too. I just found out a few days ago that one of my work colleagues who is pregnant is having a little boy. I wanted to make a special baby gift for her and since it was a secret since then I was going for gender neutral. With that piece of information I was forced to review my plans,  but I really have nothing in my stash that says boy. A big nada.

Of course I couldn't shop earlier so the baby shower is right around the corner now. Very little time left to get this done especially with this bedroom project underway. I decided to go uncomplicated. So this what I picked :

I think I'm going to go with a white sashing around 4" squares of those solids. The ultra cuddly football print fleece is for the back. 

Hopefully I can complete it on time and still make progress on this : 


  1. Yay for shopping! I bought fabric to make a Halloween wreath lol but I ended up not getting a lot of stash used up as I mainly worked on a quilt that I am hand sewing( what am I thinking???)

    I love the fleecy backing, and looking forward to seeing your girly's bedroom all done x

  2. Brown and blue are such soothing colors together. I think it will be lovely.


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