Sunday, October 17

A little visit

Since I'm not really in any shape to do anything be to lay down with a snugly quilt some tea and my friends Mucinex and Tylenol, I thought I'd take you for a visit at Trish's. I met Trish a few years ago when we settled in Maryland. She is my hubby's aunt best friend and neighbor . She is also a fabulous cook and a great quilter and we have great fun sewing and chatting together. She recently acquired a brand new sewing table. A spectacular sewing table. Something to really drool over.

So here is Trish's studio and her table.


It's cozy and organized with shelves and drawers and can be collapsed to a smaller surface 

No no you are not dreaming, 
it's got a motorized platform with a remote to adjust the height of the sewing machine

Oh and yes you can drool over Trish's new Janome Horizon
Can you tell Trish is serious about quilting? 

And for the rest of the tour:  Storage 

Cutting tables and more storage

And the current project : a stack and whack...

Time to mop up the little dribble 

Oh and if you want to win one of those Janome Jewels ( and live in the US) you can enter this drawing


  1. Yes, I am drooling. Thanks for sharing such a well organized work room!

  2. wow that's an awesome craft room, lovin' all the storage and that table is perfect.


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