Sunday, October 3

Bedroom makeover - Phase one

With our munchkin off camping for a whole weekend, we had finally the window of opportunity to tackle the demo phase of the bedroom redo we have been planning for her. It's so much easier to get those messy and hazardous jobs done without a little one underfoot.

So out with the guest bedroom

And armed with crowbars, hammers and gloves, the hubby and I went to town

We knew the room had really poor insulation as this room has always been too hot in the summer and and a bit on the cold side in the winter and the whole point of the demo was to remedy this problem. So we were not very surprised by what we found: basically a sheet of paper and a sheet of foil and that was it. 

Check out the pile of trash
Demo done is record time

All bagged and whisked away - Time for insulation

New insulation installed - All that is needed is a bit of expanding foam to fill the last gaps 
8PM Ran out (oops).

 Oh well.. off to the restaurant we went to reward ourselves with a nice dinner after a day of hard work. We are ready for the wallboard - which we are not doing ourselves for a change. Not that we wouldn't be able to do it but it will be way faster that way. Let's face it, with both of us working full time and a pre-schooler needing attention, we lack the free-time for those long haul projects.

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