Tuesday, October 26


It's always happy time when I get a parcel from my mom who lives in France. The one that arrived last night (after being held up a whole gruelling week in Jamaica NY) was no exception. It was packed with great goodies: a great selection of gourmet chocolate bars and cookies and confections for a taste of home,

some awesome vintage buttons,

A selection of fashion/lifestyle magazines

And last but not least, this amazing costume for my little bug
I was  getting worried it would not get there on time for Halloween

No contest, my poor little tutu will be staying home on Saturday

My mom is the best !!


  1. Well worth the wait ( but I am glad it got there). Easy to see where you get your creative side from.That costume is AMAZING!

  2. c'est marrant de voir ton "care package", il ressemble a ceux que ma maman m'envoie! Le deguisement est superbe, une tres belle princesse/fee! Ta fille semble tres heureuse.

  3. Wow that costume is gorgeous. What a fun gift.


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