Sunday, October 10

Shoot N' Tell challenge - Circular

I love buttons. When I was a little girl. looking into my mom's button box was always a treat, and not only because she had recycled a toffee tin for them. I store my buttons in Mason Jars by colors. And they do qualify in the "circular" department.


  1. What a wonderful kaleidoscope you've photographed! Gorgeous colors. How did you ever acquire so many colorful buttons? I've got lots of buttons, but they pretty much fall in the neutral category...not near so much fun as your beauties. Great photos!

  2. Absolutely qualifies as circular!! :-) I like buttons too, I have a little tin full of them and they're bright and colorful! now to do something with them! Thanks for entering!

  3. @ Jan: I bought some, then the word went out about it, and some were donated. My mom also hunts them for me. She just mailed a few in a parcel.. can't wait to see them

    @Natalie: I use them to give some pop to dull items. I glued some around a boring picture frame, or sewed a few on a black T-shirt. There so many things you can do with buttons... other than using them as buttons.

  4. I LOVE the buttons! The colors are so vibrant!

  5. These are so beautiful and bright! I love buttons. I have a few but nothing like this! I'd have them up for decoration.


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