Wednesday, October 6

Stashbusting September - I did it !!

I decided to look back at the projects completed in September to see how well I did with the stashbusting challenge, so here is the full collection: 2 UFOs , 3 upcycled items,  4 Halloween projects. Some painting action, some sewing, some crafting. Even though my projects didn't make the judge's top 10 cut, I say mission accomplished. I did bust some stash. The plan is to keep it all under control now that everything is inventoried and keep thinking about the box i.e. instead of shopping for extra items, thinking about how to use what I already have at home to get it done. 







  1. Isn't a good feeling. I am planning on keeping on I have a huge stash and don't feel like I've hardly scratched the surface.

    BTW about your comment on the mercury glass, I agree!! I saw a photo in a magazine that has my mind spinning down a different direction!!

  2. Great job! I am still busting stash and having fun w/it. Even though I have *ahem* gone into my fav stores in October, I have bought less than I would have before.

  3. that is a lot of crafting. What a great feeling it is when you've accomplished so much. I'll have to go back and read some of your older posts to see some of those projects.


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