Monday, December 13

Welcome to Pixie Hollow

It's been a lengthy process but it's finally done ! This summer, my hubby and I decided it was time for little bug to move out of the nursery. The room was needed quite a bit of work, we had to gut part of it to add insulation, then of course came the new wallboard, the trim, paint, closet overhaul. Since we both work full time, all of this had to be done on evenings and weekends. Finally a few days ago, we shipped Her Sweetness to Aunt Joan for a Saturday, installed her new bed and moved her furniture to the new room. There are still a couple of details to be taken care of (drapes, knobs, hanging a couple of things to the walls) but Christmas preparations have put those on hold for a little while.

You can check out the progress with these posts: 
Decoration items here and here

Just in case you are wondering, yes I handpainted all the walls, partly based the flowers on pictures I took at the end of the summer

Welcome, welcome to Pixie Hollow!

where our own little fairy now resides

Surrounded by wispy clouds, butterflies


And flowers

She now has a reading/play nook under her bed

I think she likes it

A couple of girlfriends asked me to paint their kids' bedroom... I got to think about this for a while.



  1. That is absolutely fantastic.
    What a fabulous room to wake up in.

  2. lovely room and done just in time for Christmas, another great present!

  3. How sweet! I think the look on her face says it all :)

  4. The flowers are beautiful! A cheerful room for a little girl to wake up to, read & play in.

    Elisabeth @ Treasuring the

  5. What a happy room!! I love the paintings on the walls! :)

  6. LOVE it!!!!! I hit my goal of 50 links, so be sure to come back next week cuz I'm having a giveaway!!!!! Thanks for linking up to gettin' crafty on hump day!!!!!!! :)

  7. This is FABULOUS!! My daughter would love it!

  8. From one muralist to another...this looks stunning.

    I work mostly on boys and gender-neutral rooms...I need me some girl rooms STAT...

    so I vicariously enjoyed this...

    if you have a sec, link this up to Creative Juice Thursdays...

    hope you stop by!
    nicolette @

  9. This is gorgeous! Any little girl would LOVE that!

  10. thanks for linking up to creative juice...

    Hope to see more of your ideas in the upcoming weeks...

    happy holidays

  11. really beautiful your bedroom, I want to make it an equal!

  12. I love the larger scale you used. It really makes for an imaginative fun space to play in.


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