Thursday, December 9

Tutorial - Shining Heart Ornament

A couple of days ago, I guest posted on Crystal's Craft spot. This is the project she featured in case you missed. This little ornament will that takes only a few cents worth of supplies. 

You will need: 
- Floral arrangement wire 
- A pair of pliers with wire cutter
- One wired garland - I got this one from Ikea for a dollar and it will yield at least 9 ornaments as you need 12" per ornament
- A strip of white felt
- Some satin ribbon - they are a couple of dollars a spool in craft stores and you need only a 6" piece per ornament
- A low temp glue gun

Cut a 12" piece of wire

Using the pliers, twist the ends together

Fold the twisted end back in to create the heart shape

Time to get your glue gun

Tack the end of the felt strip to the wire and wrap it around

Continue wrapping until the wire is completely covered
Cut off the excess felt and hot glue the end making sure none of the wire is visible

Cut a 20" piece of wire garland

Wrap in around  the heart shape

Make bow with a big loop 
I chose pink because my daughter is all about pink but you can use red or green to be more in keeping with Christmas traditional colors

Hot glue your bow to the ornament 



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