Sunday, December 5

What I've been up to this week

Another whirlwind of a week. Sewing, crafting, painting, decorating were all on the menu. We put the final touches to little bug's new bedroom and (after sending her to Aunt Joan for a cookie baking party), we moved her belongings into the new room. She will be there at noon. I'm so impatient to see her face when she opens the door for the first time!! Pictures to come for the big reveal. 

More Christmas gift finishes of course nothing that I can show right now... frustrating. I've taken time to do some wrapping/hiding while there was no little people in the house. 

Also dug out the decorations, just a few things here and there, the big even starts after we bring home our tree. The expedition is scheduled for this afternoon. YAY!!

We will be on our way to the tree farm as soon as little bug is back home. Sooo excited!!

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