Thursday, December 30

Visit of a Kitty Cat

It's oh so very late. 1am and I'm finally heading to bed after a really great day. I had a great visitor today: Amie from Kitty Cats and Airplanes. As it turns out, after her move across the continent a few months ago, Amie is an almost neighbor, less than half an hour away. We have been talking about crafting together for the past couple of weeks and today we met at a mall nearby and headed to my house where we spend a few creative hours. We had decided that we were going to teach each other something new so Amie gave me a crash course in beading/jewelry making and then I showed her how to make a ruffled scarf. 

I had so much fun with the jewelry making that I played some more after Amie left. Way too much fun : I lost track of time completely... 1am !!  OK now I'm really going to bed. Tomorrow I will tell you more about our "skill trade" adventure. 

Good night !!

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  1. Ooh so jealous of your crafty playdate! Glad you got to meet a new friend and had fun xx


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