Wednesday, December 22

Not according to plan

I was all set for Christmas. One day to do the grocery shopping and straighten up the house -mostly the kitchen-, one day to relax before the family (my in-laws) arrives to visit. Well things did not go according to plan. At all. My poor little bug got sick on Monday and has been miserable since. And then both my husband and I also got sick. Ugh! So all of us are just dragging and using up the stock of tissues while sipping tea or warm milk. The grocery shopping did get done. The kitchen is clean but still cluttered. And I'm not feeling relaxed. Lets hope we all feel better for Christmas day.


  1. We're sick over here too! Hope you guys feel better in time for Christmas!

  2. It must be going around ... we've got sick kids at our house, too! Hope you, your hubby and the bug feel better soon! (Sending extra love and get well wishes your way ... sick-o on Christmas is lousy.)

  3. I hope you're all better for Christmas.


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